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"I make films about underestimated dreamers conquering their fears"

As the founder of Taylor Made Media Productions, writer/producer of Transition, writer/director/producer of August and writer/director of Tealight, Matt is well-versed in collaborating closely with his creative team focusing on creating emotional stories that excite audiences and reminds us of the movie magic we felt in our childhood.

Working with Matt has resulted in new feature film development with Solarus Films showcasing the North East and local talent, a dedicated and friendly videography service and a passionate educator who aims to equally develop others as well as his own skillset. 

When this Creative and Media PGCE grad isn’t daydreaming about film, you can find him with his PlayStation escaping to distant worlds and sharing satirical memes to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Matt is always looking for their next project or collaboration, so if you have an idea and would like to work with Matt, please get in touch.

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